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The CRELDA Journal: Student Edition

Building The Bridge From Your Current Studies To Your Future Success


What is the Student Edition?

The CRELDA Journal: Student Edition is a recent endeavour introduced by students from Taylor’s Law School. Its purpose is to provide an avenue where students are able to play a hands on role in the reviewing and editing of the legal journal.

This initiative was created to allow undergraduate students to contribute their original work to a journal that would then be reviewed by their peers. The aim of this supplement to The CRELDA Journal is to enhance interest within the students from Taylor’s Law School in participating in the schools extracurricular activity while providing an incentive for students to continue their literary pursuits and build on their body of work.


How will this Benefit Students?

Students will gain solid legal research and writing experience. This advantage cannot be underplayed as students will get an opportunity to tackle in-depth legal issues and pick apart works of leading scholars that will indubitably serve them in any type of legal practice. Potential employers will be able to look at journal experience and see prima facie evidence of good research and writing skills.

Furthermore, published authors will be given the opportunity to talk about their work in a prestigious colloquium.

Student Submissions

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